1. In Vitro Technologies

  2. BulletPrimary cultures of rodent CNS and PNS neurons, cancer cells, immune cells and immortalized mammalian cell lines.

  3. BulletPrimary cultures of human dorsal root ganglia neurons.

  4. BulletLive-cell functional ion imaging and ROS/RNS/NO imaging (dye-based) in cultured CNS/PNS neurons and mammalian cells.

  5. BulletPatch-clamp electrophysiology.

  6. BulletBiochemical analysis of protein expression, function and tissue/cellular/sub-cellular localization.

  7. BulletPeptide/proteomic arrays.

  8. BulletNext-gen/deep RNA sequencing of mouse and human neuronal tissue and cultured neurons.

  9. BulletImmuno-histo/cytochemical and microscopic (epifluorescence and confocal) analysis of CNS and PNS tissue sections, as well as cultured neurons for the detection and quantification of anatomical/structural changes, as well as expression and localization of proteins therein.

  10. BulletMolecular biology and structure-function relationship studies on neuronal proteins, receptors and channels.

  11. In Vivo Technologies Utilizing Rodents

  12. BulletMouse models of human diseases, such as metastatic prostate/breast-bone cancers; colon, breast and lung cancers (for  chemotherapeutic drug-induced neuropathy); obesity; inflammation; neuropathy and stroke-reperfusion injury.

  13. BulletGenetically-modified mouse models.

  14. BulletMouse chemogenetics.

  15. BulletRodent In vivo pharmacology.

  16. BulletMouse bone-marrow transplantation.

  17. Behavioral Assessments in Rodents

  18. BulletPain-related behaviors: cutaneous heat, cold and mechanical hypersensitivity, relative weight bearing on paws, grip-strength analysis (both fore and hind limb), paw/joint pressure-induced hypersensitivity, and heat-cold chamber preference assays.

  19. BulletMotor-related behaviors: automated gait analysis, in-cage activity measurements, and in-cage running wheel activity measurements.

  20. BulletUn-evoked/ongoing pain behaviors: several under development and validation.