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John R. Traynor, PhD

Edward F Domino Research Professor of Pharmacology,
Associate Chair, Department of Pharmacology and
Professor of Pharmacology, Medical School – University of Michigan

Exploiting endogenous opioid peptides for 'opioid-drug-free' pain relief using allosteric modulators

Brendan M. Walker, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology
Washington State University

Host:  Bruchas / Moron-Concepcion

Coordinated Dysregulation of the Dynorphin/ Kappa-Opioid Receptor System in Alcohol Dependence

Frank Rice, PhD

Department of Biomedical Sciences
President, CEO
Integrated Tissue Dynamics, LLC

Host:  Moron-Concepcion

A Global Perspective on Human Peripheral Neuropathies: A Fine Line Between Normal Tactile Perception, Chronic Pain, and Homeostasis