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Doug Wright, PhD

Professor, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology
Kansas University Medical Center


A New AGE for Diabetic Neuropathy and Pain

Kenneth Hargreaves, DDS, PhD

Professor and Chair, Department of Endodontics
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio


Wham, Bam, OLAM: The Endogenous TRPV1 Agonists

Michael Gold, Ph.D.


Department of Anesthesiology

University of Pittsburgh


Bedside to Bench: Clinical observation as a guide to a mechanistic exploraiton of migraine

Paul Brookes

Associate Professor

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry


Using the Brain to Protect the Heart

Seog Bae OH, DDS, PhD

National Research Lab for Pain

Seoul National University School of Dentistry

Department of Neurobiology and Physiology



TRPV1: A Critical Gateway for the Pain Mechanism and Pain Therapeutics

Gregory Dussor, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology
University of Arizona College of Medicine


Meningeal pH and the pathophysiology of headache

Marina Picciotto


Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Yale University


Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: the neurobiology underlying behaviors that drive smoking

Michel Bouvier Ph.D., F.C.A.H.S.

University of Montreal

Shining new light on the functional selectivity of GPCR signaling using bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET)

Lorin Milescu, PhD

Assistant Professor
Division of Biological Sciences
University of Missouri-Columbia

Neuronal Excitability Explored with Real-Time Computation

Hongzhen Hu, PhD

Assistant Professor
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Department of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology

Neurobiological Basis of Retinoid Signaling in Nociceptors

Daniel McGehee, PhD

Associate Professor
Committee on Neurobiology
Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care
University of Chicago

Nicotinic Receptor Modulation of Ascending and Descending Pain Control Pathways

Keith Nehrke, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine, Nephrology
University of Rochester

Novel Neuroprotective Carbonic Anhydrases

Durga P. Mohapatra M.Sc., Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology and Anesthesia
University of Iowa

Tumor-Nerve Cross Talk in Chronic Pain Associated with Bone Metastasized Breast/Prostate Cancers: From Animal Models to Molecular Mechanisms

Christopher Ford, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Physiology and Biophysics
Case Western Reserve University

Mechanisms Underlying Dopamine Synaptic Transmission

Donald Hilgemann, Ph. D.

Department of Physiology, Internal Medicine
University Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Massive Endocytosis Driven by Palmitoylation Under Mitochondrial Control: The Descent of the Plasmalemma into Autophagy

Warren Sandberg, MD, PhD

Professor and Chair
Department of Anesthesiology
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Adventures in Pre-Operative Patient Education Research

Wenqin Luo, M.D. Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Department of Neuroscience
University of Pennsylvania
Perelman School of Medicine

Functional Organization and Development of Mammalian Mechanoreceptors and Nociceptors

Misha Backonja, MD

Medical Director- Neuroscience
Lifetree Clinical Reseach LC

Translational Pain Research: Where Are We Now and Where We Could Go?

Roland Bainton, MD, PhD

UCSF School of Medicine
Associate Professor in Residence
Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care

Discovery and Interrogation of Evolutionarily Conserved Blood Brain Barrier Chemical Protection Pathways

Tasuku Akiyama, PhD

University of California, Davis
Assistant Project Scientist
Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Spinal Processing of Itch

Simon Haroutounian, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Aarhus University Hospital
Danish Pain Research Center

Unraveling Mechanisms for Developing Individualized Treatment Approaches

Steve Davidson, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Anesthesiology
Washington University, School of Medicine

The Multiple Pathways for Itch and Their Interactions with Pain

John Wood, PhD

Professor of Molecular Neurobiology and Head of the Molecular Nociception Group
University College London

Peripheral Pain Mechanisms

Joseph Takahashi, PhD

Professor and Chairman
Loyd B. Sands Distinguished Chair in Neuroscience
Department of Neuroscience

Molecular Architecture of the Circadian Clock in Mammals

Cynthia Wong, MD

Professor & Vice Chair of Anesthesiology
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Neuraxial Labor Analgesia and the Progress of Labor

Zhao-Wen Wang, PhD

Associate Professor, Neuroscience
Director, Neuroscience Graduate Program
Faculty in Neuroscience, Cell Biology and Genetics & Developmental Biology

The Secret of Graded Synaptic Transmission in C. Elegans

Diana Bautista, PhD

Assistant Professor of Molecular & Cell Biology
University of California, Berkeley

Itchy Mice and Star-Nosed Moles: New Approaches to Study Itch, Touch and Pain

Thomas Kash, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Dissecting the Role of Neuromodulation in Emotional Behavior

Christopher Ahern, PhD

The University Of Iowa
Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics

Using an Expanded Genetic Code to Study Ion Channels

Rona Giffard, MD, PhD

Professor, Anesthesia
Stanford University School of Medicine

MicroRNA's and Cerebral Ischemia

Lakshmi Devi PhD

Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics
Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai

Opioid Receptor Heterodimerization in Analgesia and Addiction

Frances Chung, MB BS, FRCPC

Department of Anesthesia
Toronto Western Hospital

STOP-Bang Questionnaire: What is it and How to Use it?

Bradley K Taylor, MD PhD

Professor, Physiology
University of Kentucky
College of Medicine

Long Term Endogenous Opioid Analgesia and Dependence

Steve Davidson, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Washington University Pain Center

Pain: It's all in your head

D.P. Mohapatra, PHD

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Anesthesia
Department of Pharmacology
The University of Iowa
Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine

Parathyroid Hormone-related Peptide: A key Modulator of Pain Associated with Metastatic Bone Cancers

Yu Shin Kim, PhD

Post Doctoral Researcher
Department of Neuroscience
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Imaging Pain

Loren Martin, PhD

McGill University
Post Doctoral Fellow
Department of Psychology

Two Tales of Translational Pain Research; From Genetics to Social Modulation

Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen, PhD

Professor, Center for Substance Abuse Research & Department of Pharmacology
Temple University School of Medicine

Regulation of Anterograde Transport of the Kapp Opioid Receptor

Heidi Hamm, PhD

Department of Pharmacology
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Regulation of Exocytosis by inhibitory GPCR's

Yuanxiang Tao, PhD MSc, MD

Department of Anesthesiology
Professor and Vice Chair of Research
Rutgers, The State University, New Jersey Medical School

A Long Noncoding RNA, A New Player in Neuropathic Pain

Christopher Wu, MD

Department of Anesthesiology/Critical Care Medicine
The John Hopkins University School of Medicine

Epidural Anesthesia- Analgesia and Outcomes- A perspective

Nirao Shah, MD PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Anatomy
University of California, San Francisco

Modular Molecular and Neural Control of Sexually Dimorphic Behaviors

Ellen Lumpkin, PhD

Depts of Dermatology and of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics
Columbia University
College of Physicians & Surgeons

Mechanisms of Sensory Coding in a Mammalian Touch Receptor

Jose Moron-Concepcion, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Anesthesiology
Columbia University

Opioids, Pain and Addiction: A Vicious Cycle

ShiNung Ching, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis

Dynamical Effects of General Anesthesia on Neural Cicuits

JoAnn Trejo, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology
UC San Diego

Protease-activated Receptor-1: A Dual Regulator of Endothelial Barrier Permeability

Lorri Lee, MD

Chief, Division of Neuroanesthesiology
Director, Center for Evidence-based Anesthesia
Vanderbilt University, School of Medicine

Rare Events and Databases: Opioid-Induced Ventilatory Impairment and Visual Loss

Hosted by: The Washington University Department of Anesthesiology


Ken Mackie, MD

Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Indiana University, Bloomington

CB2 Receptor Functional Selectivity- Is it Clinically Relevant

Walter Boyle, III MD FCCM

Professor of Anesthesiology and Surgery
Director, Division of Critical Care
Department of Anesthesiology
Washington University School of Medicine

Novel Biomarkers for Rapid Non-Invasive Detection of Early Myocardial Injury

Philip C. Spinella, MD, FCCM

Associate Professor Pediatrics
Division of Critical Care Medicine
Director, Critical Care Translational Research Program
St. Louis Children’s Hospital &
Washington University School of Medicine

HOST:  Dr. Peter Nagele

“New Old Ideas for Hemorrhagic Shock”

David Weinshenker, PhD

Emory University School of Medicine
Professor, Department of Human Genetics

HOST:  Dr. Michael Bruchas

Noradrenergic Control of Reinforcement and Cocaine Addiction

Laura Bohn, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Molecular Therapeutics
Department of Neuroscience
The Scripps Research Institute

HOST:  Dr. Michael Bruchas

Ligand Directed Signaling of G Protein- Coupled Receptors: Implications for Drug Development and Understanding Receptor Function in Vivo

Pratik Pandharipande, MD, MSCI

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Department of Anesthesiology
Division of Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine

HOST:  Dr. Walter A. Boyle

Does surgery/anesthesia contribute to the cognitive impairment seen in critical ill patients?

Qiufu Ma, PhD

Professor of Neurobiology
Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

HOST:  Dr. Zhou-Feng Chen

Identification of Spinal Circuits Transmitting and Gating Mechanical Pain

Matthias Eikermann, MD, PhD

Harvard Medical School
Associate Professor of Anaesthesia
Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

HOST:  Dr. Peter Nagele

Early Mobilization in the ICU

Jorg Grandl, PhD

Duke University
Assistant Professor, Neurobiology

HOST:  Dr. Hongzhen Hu

The Mechanism of Temperature-Activation of TRP Ion Channels

Simon Beggs, PhD

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Dentistry
University of Toronto

Research Associate
Programs in Brain and Behavior
Hospital for Sick Children

HOST:  Dr. Robert W. Gereau, IV

Microglia and Pain: Beyond Immunity

Peter Nagele, MD, MS

Assistant Professor
Department of Anesthesiology
Washington University School of Medicine

Host:  Evan D. Kharasch, MD, PhD

Nitrous Oxide for Treatment of Major Depression

Bradley J. Undem, PhD

Professor of Medicine
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

HOST:  Dr. Qin Liu

Activation Mechanisms of Cough and Itch Receptors

Leonid Kagan, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmaceutics, Ernest Mario School of
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Host:  Simon Harouthounian, PhD

Translational Pharmacokinetic (PK) and Pharmacodynamic(PD) Strategies for Optimization of Biotherapeutics

Robert Brenner, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Physiology
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Host: Christopher Lingle, PhD

Paradoxical effects of BK channels on membrane excitability of dentate gyrus neurons

Jianmin Cui, PhD

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis

Robert W. Gereau, IV, PhD

"Voltage sensor and pore coupling in KCNQ channels"

Emery N. Brown, MD, PhD

Warren M. Zapol Professor of Anaesthesia
Harvard Medical School
Anesthetist, Department of Anesthesia
Massachusetts General Hospital

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain Under General Anesthesia

David D. McKemy, PhD

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
University of Southern California

Host:  Zhou-Feng Chen, PhD

The Cellular and Molecular Basis for the Sensation of Cold

David W. Piston, PhD

Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Professor and Chairman,
Department of Cell Biology and Physiology
Washington University School of Medicine

HOST:  Dr. N. Gautam

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Pancreatic Hormone Secretion

Jean-Pierre Vilardaga, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacology & Chemical Biology
University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine

HOST:  Dr. N. Gautam

Endosomal cAMP Production in GPCR Signaling: From Bench-to-Bedside

Cor J. Kalkman, MD, PhD

Professor of Anesthesiology
Division of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
University Medical Center Utrecht

Host: Peter Nagele, MD

Does a 'Weekend' Effect on Mortality Exist? Should We Be Interested?

Chandra Tucker, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology
University of Colorado School of Medicine

HOST:  Dr. N. Gautam

Optical Tools to Manipulate and Interrogate Cell Function

William R. Kobertz, PhD

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Host:  Christopher Lingle, PhD

Chemical Tinkering with Ion Channel Complexes

James P. Rathmell, MD

Executive Vice Chair and Chief, Division of Pain Medicine
Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital
Henry Knowles Beecher Professor of Anaesthesia
Harvard Medical School

HOST: Dr. Ellen M. Lockhart

Complications in Pain Medicine

Steven L. Shafer, MD

Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain
Stanford University Medical Center

Host:  Dr. Evan D. Kharasch

Houston, We Have A Problem. Why Most Published Research is Wrong.

Pall Karlsson

Senior Researcher
Danish Pain Research Center & Stereology and Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Department of Clinical Medicine
Aarhus University Hospital - Denmark

Host:  Dr. Simon Haroutounian

WUPC Seminar

Garret D. Stuber, PhD

Assistant Professor
Departments of Psychiatry & Cell Biology and Physiology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Host:  Dr. Michael Bruchas

Dissecting the Neural Circuits That Mediate Motivated Behavior

Jun-Ming Zhang, MD, MS

Professor and Vice Chair for Research
Department of Anesthesiology
University of Cincinnati

Host: Dr. Qin Liu

Fight or flight and the transition of pain via immune regulation

Keisuke (Chris) Nagao, MD, PhD

Earl Stadtman Investigator, Dermatology Branch
CCR, NCI, National Institutes of Health

Host:  Dr. Brian Kim

Regulation of skin immunity during steady state, atopic innflammation and lymphoma

Joseph P. Mathew, MD, MHSc, MBA

Jerry Reves, MD, Professor of Anesthesiology and
Chairman, Department of Anesthesiology
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC

Host:  Dr. Alex Evers

Brain Imaging for Postoperative Cognitive Decline

Arvind Palanisamy, MBBS, MD

Assistant Professor of Anaesthesia
Harvard Medical School
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine
Host:  Dr. Alex Evers

Fetal Developmental Neurotoxicity of Anesthetic Agents Administered In-utero

Bruce S. Bochner, MD

Samuel M. Feinberg Professor of Medicine
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Division of Allergy-Immunology

Host:  Qin Liu

Siglec-8 and Siglec-F: inhibitory receptors on eosinophils and mast cells with unique sialylated glycan ligands

Gregory Scherrer, PharmD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine
Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology
Stanford Neurosciences Institute
Stanford University

Host: Dr. Michael Bruchas

Molecular Mechanisms of Pain Modulation by Endogenous and Exogenous Opioids

Philipp Lirk, MD, MSc, PhD

Attending Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesiology
Academic Medical Center
University of Amsterdam

The diabetic neuropathic patient presenting for Regional Anesthesia - adapt or avoid?

Edgar T. Walters, PhD

Ray A. and Robert L. Kroc Faculty Fellow Professor of Biology & Pharmacology
McGovern Medical School at UTHealth

Host:  Dr. Robert W. Gereau

Nociceptor signaling and chronic pain: Evolutionary clues from injured invertebrates and mammals with spinal cord injury

Sarah E. Ross, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology
Department of Neurobiology
Pittsburgh Center for Pain Research
University of Pittsburgh

Host:  Hongzhen Hu

A neural basis for the inhibition of itch by counter-stimuli

Zaijie Wang, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology & Pharmaceutics
College of Pharmacy
Bio-pharmaceutical Sciences
The University of Illinois at Chicago

HOST:  Yu-Qing Cao, PhD

Phosphorylation mechanisms for chronic pain in sickle cell disease

Luis de Lecea, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Stanford University
Stanford, California

Host:  Dr. Michael Bruchas

Optogenetic control of arousal

Shawn Xu, PhD

Bernard W. Agranoff Collegiate Professor of the Life Sciences
Professor of Molecular & Integrative Physiology
University of Michigan

Host:  Dr. Hongzhen Hu

Sense and Sensibility: Sensory Signaling in C. elegans

Robert R. Edwards, PhD

Psychologist, Brigham Women’s Hospital
Associate Professor of Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School
Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative & Pain Management

HOST:  Simon Haroutounian

Catastrophizing: A key cog in the biopsychosocial machinery of chronic pain

Amynah Pradhan, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry
University of Illinois - Chicago

Host:  Dr. Michael Bruchas

Novel Therapeutic Targets for the Treatment of Migraine

Paul Myles, MBBS, MPH, MD

Professor and Chair, Department of Anaesthesia and
Perioperative Medicine
Monash University

The Special Value and Importance of Large Trials in Perioperative Medicine

Ursula Wesselmann, MD, PhD

Departments of Anesthesiology, Neurology and Psychology
University of Alabama

Chronic pelvic and urogenital pain syndromes in women: from bench to bedside and reverse

Vesna Jevtovic-Todorovice, MD, PhD, MBA

Harold Carron Professor of Anesthesiology and
Professor of Neuroscience
University of Virginia School of Medicine

Host: Dr. Alex Evers

Anesthesia induced developmental neurotoxicity: The role of epigenetics

Amy Lee, PhD

Departments of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, Otolaryngology Head-Neck Surgery and Neurology
University of Iowa

Host:  Dr. Yu-Qing Cao

Decalmodulation of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels

Veronica A. Alvarez, PhD

Investigator & Acting Chief
National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience
National Institute of Health

Host:  Drs. Michael Bruchas and
Jose Moron-Concepcion

A Novel Synaptic Mechanism that Mediates the Stimulant Actions of Cocaine

Aman Mahajan, MD, PhD

Ronald L. Katz MD, Chair, Department of Anesthesiology
Professor of Anesthesiology and Bioengineering

Sympathetic Neural Control of Cardiac Excitability

Chad M. Brummett, MD

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Director of Clinical Anesthesia Research
Director of Pain Research
University of Michigan

The Impact of Centralized Pain on Acute and Chronic Post-surgical Pain

Akihisa Terakita, PhD

Professor of Biology & Associate Dean
Graduate School of Science
Osaka City University - Japan

Functional diversity of animal opsins; their contribution to physiological functions and optogenetic potentials

John R. Traynor, PhD

Edward F Domino Research Professor of Pharmacology,
Associate Chair, Department of Pharmacology and
Professor of Pharmacology, Medical School – University of Michigan

Exploiting endogenous opioid peptides for 'opioid-drug-free' pain relief using allosteric modulators

Brendan M. Walker, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology
Washington State University

Host:  Bruchas / Moron-Concepcion

Coordinated Dysregulation of the Dynorphin/ Kappa-Opioid Receptor System in Alcohol Dependence

Frank Rice, PhD

Department of Biomedical Sciences
President, CEO
Integrated Tissue Dynamics, LLC

Host:  Moron-Concepcion

A Global Perspective on Human Peripheral Neuropathies: A Fine Line Between Normal Tactile Perception, Chronic Pain, and Homeostasis

Jianguo Gu, PhD

Edward A. Ernst, MD Endowed Professor
Director for Pain Research
Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Division of Molecular and Tranlational Biomedicine
University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine

Host:  Chen

Tactile Transduction and Transmission at Merkel Discs